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Considering your bankruptcy options is the first step to regaining control of your finances and your life. Each and every case is unique. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to guide you successfully through the bankruptcy process. We believe that only by truly listening to a client's concerns, problems or fears, can an effective solution be found. Our office will provide you not only the first consultation free but as many as you need in order to make a decision as important as whether or not to declare bankruptcy.



The first consultation is FREE!
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an ideal solution, for the right person. The goal in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge all debts and keep all of the property you wish to keep.


There are several Chapter 7 trustees, one of which is assigned to the case at random upon the filing of the bankruptcy petition. The Trustee is in charge of administering the bankruptcy estate. He or she reviews the case to determine if there are any assets that can be sold at auction or "bought back" by you. The funds received are then distributed to your creditors.  If, after reviewing the case, the Trustee determines that there are no assets to distribute, a Report of No Distribution is filed, a discharge is issued and the case is closed. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the right choice for everyone. 


Our office offers free consultations to help you determine if Chapter 7 is the right way to go.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as a "Reorganization" and gives a person the opportunity to repay his or her debts manageably over time. In the vast majority of cases, a person only pays a portion of his or her credit card debt.


A Chapter 13 plan is flexible and allows one to pay for a car, a house, the IRS or other tax debt. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help keep the plan payment as low as possible and allow for a smooth case.


Our office offers free consultations to help you determine if a Chapter 13 is the right choice for you.


Loan Modification

Last year the Bankruptcy Court instituted a program to modify mortgages through mediation in bankruptcy, known as the Mortgage Modification Mediation ("MMM") Program. 


The MMM Program has been far more successful than the state court mediation programs in helping individuals keep their homes. 


Our office has been able to help several clients keep their homes, when they otherwise would not have been able to do so.  This mortgage modification program has given us another tool to help our clients  keep their houses and investment properties.


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