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STOP Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors!

How can you stop harassing telephone calls from your creditors?

When a debt collector is attempting to collect a debt, one inexpensive way to do so is to call you repeatedly at home and/or work at what is always a bad time. If you want them to stop, under the Fair Debt Collection Act, you can send the creditor a certified letter asking them to stop contacting you. However, this won't stop them from suing you. Once the creditor obtains a Judgment, things go from bad (harassment) to worse (forceful taking of assets). They may be able to levy (take) you vehicle, garnish you bank account and/or garnish your wages. All cases are different and not all assets can be seized, however, doing nothing is rarely the best solution. Avoiding the need for Bankruptcy is of course ideal. But once the problem becomes inevitable, Bankruptcy is often the quickest most effective way to get back on your feet and get that second chance we all deserve. An informed decision can be made with the help of a free consultation from an experienced, sympathetic, and competent attorney. Please call our office and I, attorney Edward Freire, will personally meet with you and go over your options. Call today, 305-826-1774, and let’s get started.

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