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President Obama signs Executive Order forgiving all unsecured debts to all who can not afford to pay

In an unpresedented move, President Obama signed an Executive Order forgiving all credit card debt, medical bills and deficiencies owed to all who can establish that they are insolvent. The test for insolvency will vary from State to State but could help thousands of people get a head start on life by allowing them to get their finances in order. The Republican lead Congress quickly voiced their opposition to what they claim can only be accomplished by an Act of Congress. Someone needs to point out to the fools (on both sides) running this country into the ground that such a law has existed since the begining of the formation of these United States of America. It is called the Bankruptcy Code. Through the use of the Bankruptcy Code, all that can prove "insolvency" can relieve themselves of the burden of their debts and start fresh. Our office, Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., understands the Code and wants to help you. Call for a free consultation (305) 826-1774. *please note the date this blog was posted.

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