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HELP!, I've fallen and can't get up.

Help!, I've fallen and can't get up. We all remember this line from an old t.v. commercial where an elderly person has physically fallen, is unable to get off the ground by herself, and unable to reach the telephone to call for help. This is not about a physical fall, but finding yourself hopelessly in debt is no picnic either. If you cannot afford to pay your debts, it is very likely a Bankruptcy can help you. Please call our office, Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., (305) 826-1774. We want to help you get off the ground.

A bankruptcy may be able to eliminate harrassing calls from creditors and permanently Discharge debts from credit cards, broken leases, repossessed houses and cars, medical bills, a breach of contract, old income tax debt and car accident liability (which can revoke your driving privileges). It may even be able to eliminate a second mortgage on any real estate or reduce the mortgage amount to the present market value of an investment property. Don't wait until you get sued, your wages or bank accounts are being garnished or your car is repossessed.

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