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Bankruptcy is a very powerful and flexible tool.

A bankruptcy can be a very powerful tool in dealing with your creditors:

- A foreclosure sale may be stopped temporarily or permanently.

- A mortgage may be modified, in its duration, in its interest rate and/or its principal balance.

If you are behind on your mortgage payment bankruptcy may help you modify the terms of your

loan or give you up to five years to catch up on your mortgage arrerage.

- A second mortgage may even be eliminated all together or reduced to its secured amount.

- A finance company may be prevented from repossessing your vehicle.

- A car finance company's loan may be modified in duration, interest or principal balance.

- Credit Card companies and Collection Agencies will be prohibited from calling you.

- Even the I.R.S. (income tax liability) may be Discharded in some cases, or in other cases a

payment plan of up to five (5) years can be established. Thereby, stopped from placing or

enforcing a lien against your assets or income.

Call Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., (305) 826-1774, for a free consultation and have your case analyzed by an attorney that will explain your options.

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